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Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind on the site:
1) Please keep the articles you share on topic. Restaurants, food, restaurant life, the restaurant industry, etc are all fine topics. Let’s not deviate too far from that set of topics.
2) Limit the number of posts from any particular site to two (2) per day. I know some blogs are hilarious or you may have a bunch of blog posts that you want to promote, but variety keeps people coming back.
3) Consider adding the toolbar to your favorites or the share button to your blogs. This makes adding articles a breeze. This is how I add posts. If you need help with either, let me know at
4) No spun articles. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry about it. If you do, I do too and I will bust you for it.
5) If you have a blog or website, consider linking to this one as well. I want to pass link juice to your site. When you post links to build the page rank of this site it helps send more link juice your way when you add posts.
6) No advertisements for a product or service. This site is to help content creators. If you constantly post links to promote a business that sells to restaurants, you will probably find your account suspended and your posts deleted. The goal is quality content.
7) My name is on the domain. I pay for the hosting. I make the decisions on the rules. I want to be fair and give the maximum possible leniency. When in doubt, see rule #8.
8) Be cool. Add good content that people will enjoy. Share other’s content. Play nice and this site will be better for everyone.


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