The 5 Most Annoying Things Waiters Do In Restaurants

The 5 Most Annoying Things Waiters Do In Restaurants

So you’re looking forward to a meal out with your friends this weekend. You’ve saved a bit of money, bought a new outfit and you’re ready to have a lovely evening out. What could go wrong? Unfortunately you could fall victim to an annoying waiter! Here are some of the most irritating things that a waiter/waitress can do… Asking constantly if everything is ok. ‘Yes, my salad hasn’t changed in any way since you asked me 20 seconds ago!’. It gets especially tiresome when you’re having an intense conversation and don’t welcome interruptions. Or when your boyfriend has just proposed to you and before you can answer him, an overzealous waiter asks you whether you’d like to see the dessert menu. To be honest the opposite is also irritating. If you feel ignored by your waiter and think he wouldn’t even look up from the counter even if a meteor just hit the restaurant, it can be quite frustrating too. Hopefully a nice balance can be reached. Starting to clear the […]



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